Thursday, September 1, 2011

CherryCredit's Dragon Nest is offline for an unknown reason

As all of you have seen, the CherryCredits's Dragon Nest (Global version) is not working. Their servers suddenly went offline. Their forum link is not working as it will redirect you to their DN home page.

When you launch the game, it will freeze on the little brown running monster screen. And after 5 minutes of waiting the login screen will appear BUT, with an error message: "Unable to connect to server."

It's been 2 hours now since it went offline.

I have made this blog since there's no official forum for the CherryCredits's version of Dragon Nest.


  1. New update: The game is working now and you can connect to the server.

  2. As I said before, I was able to connect to the server and play the game. But it's impossible to play! The server is very laggy and very slow to respond (Many other people in the chat are having the same problem) and it's taking too long.. Can't reconnect if you get disconnected OR it will reconnect after an hour of waiting..

  3. New update: I can no longer get into town. I got stuck in the loading screen and it won't end.

  4. Same problem here, how do u fix it? Or does it fix it by itself?